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Collagen Crystal Eye Mask

It will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate into the skin. As compare to ordinary paper mask ingredients are usually absorbed by the cotton paper used.

The compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue. With high-density plant collagen and transparent mask releasing technology, the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by skin. Collagen, a vital natural protein present in our skin. Its presence, confers skin’s strength and elasticity. As one age, the amount of collagen fibers decreases due to everyday exposure to UV rays and oxidants, resulting in wrinkles formation and saggy skin. Therefore, Collagen holds the key to "youthfulness and beauty". Collagen Injections in Plastic Surgery is also common to reduce creases, lines and wrinkles and to plump up facial features including the cheeks and lips. However, these could be prevented by constantly replenish the amount of collagen by performing regular facial treatment when you’re young.


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