Whitening Shower K.BROTHERS



Whitening Shower K.BROTHERS : 

bath the value of mineral water mixed with milk and fruit extracts AHA. Recover your skin to bewhiten and brighten in a natural way. Skin will be shine to brighten the skin feeling smooth, soft and fragrant night moisturizer. The skinsupple and rich in minerals, extracts and AHA for skin that needsgentle care. Protein mixed with milk, fruit.

WHITENING SHOWER K.BROTHERS cleans the skin gently.Regular use will keep skin soft and fragrant whitein a natural way.
WHITENING SHOWER K.BROTHERS are two formulas to choose from according to the formula of natural minerals (Body Mineral Shower) and formula milk, mixed fruit (Fruit & Milky Shower).

WHITENING SHOWER K.BROTHERS will be good for all skin .Can feel clean and Clear after use only first time. And a mildaroma. in a natural way. Your skin will be much more vibrant andliquid bath soap, deodorant K.BROTHERS be caused by sweat as well.

One of quality products that I recommend.
For all retail and wholesale. Order direct from the factory.


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