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Gluta 20,000 Super Whitening

Glutathione 20000mg super whitening
with Q10 and collagen


L-Glutathione             20000mg
Coenzyme Q10           100mg 
Vitamin C                   1000mg

Collagen                      500mg
Bioflavonoi                   500mg
Pine Bark Extract         100mg
Grape Seed Extract     100mg
Koji Berry                     500mg
Acerora Cherry            100mg
Green Coffee Berry     100mg
Berry Fruits Extract      100mg

Fiber                             1000mg
Berry mix                      1000mg

Health Benefits of L-Glutathione:

Skin Lightening properties
Can help control and clear acne
increase your energy levels
Slows down the aging process keeping you younger looking
Improve athletic performance and recovery
strengthen your immune system
Detoxifies the body

Dosage & Safety

2 capsules to be taken daily with water 10-15 minutes before food (1 in the morning and 1 at night)

Not recommended during pregnancy or breast feeding, for the elderly or for children

1 box contains 10 Capsules

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